AZISTA COMPOSITES PRIVATE LIMITED (ACPL), part of the AZISTA Group, is established to develop the most demanding high-temperature engineering applications. We design, develop, manufacture, test, and qualify high-temperature composites such as Carbon-Carbon Composites (CCs), Ceramic-Matrix-Composites (CMCs), and Phthalonitrile (PN) based polymer matrix composites. Some of the products under development include CC Brake Discs for Aircraft, Self-Standing Convergent-Divergent Nozzles for solid propulsion, high-temperature composites for scramjet applications, Composite overwrapped hydrogen pressure vessels, and CMCs for hypersonic applications among others. We operate the most advanced setup for end-to-end delivery of high-temperature composites in India. A young and highly motivated team of 75+ scientists and engineers is growing rapidly and we are keen to onboard more exciting talent.