Atazanavir + Ritonavir Tablets

Atazanavir 300mg and Ritonavir 100mg Tablets Exporters

* To be consumed as directed by physician.

Atazanavir 300mg and Ritonavir 100mg Tablets

Composition: Atazanavir (300mg) + Ritonavir (100mg)
  • Atazanavir (300mg) + Ritonavir(100mg) Tablets is the best combination for antiretroviral therapy and protease inhibitors are the important medications in this combination. It has minimal short-term toxicity, which includes benign bilirubin elevation.
  • When compared to other protease inhibitors, this combination has less potential for hyperlipidaemia’s long-term complications.
  • It has high genetic barrier to resistance, favourable resistance profile, and low effect of lipid
  • For patients who cannot resist ritonavir, they are probably given Atazanavir with low levels of Ritonavir to improve the pharmacokinetic parameters and their efficiency.
  • Atazanavir + Ritonavir Tablets are used for the treatment of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) infections in adults and children. It decreases the amount of HIV in blood.
  • Atazanavir does not cure HIV, but it decreases the risk of developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and illness like serious infections or cancer related to HIV.
  • It boosts up the immunity to fight the infections and viruses. It limits the multiplication and of viral cells, inhibits the virus replication, and production of new viruses in the body.
  • Talk to your doctor about all the side effects and risks associated with the combination before using it and inform him about your medical history and medications that you are already taking to avoid irreversible reactions.
  • Do not discontinue the medicine even if you feel better unless your doctor asks you to stop or it might increase the infection and virus in your body.
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