Healthy food habits lead to a healthy living. We at Azista encourage a healthy lifestyle by manufacturing food products that can instil the required daily nutrition values into the body.

We manufacture an array of organic food products and offer them at affordable prices to cater to wider masses. Our products are created after understanding customer’s requirements so that they add value to their lives.

GMO Free - Food and Agriculture


Our products are free from GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) that deplete the quality of the food. Our food products are certified for their purity and contribute to healthy living.

Premium Quality Food - Food and Agriculture


We believe in manufacturing top-notch quality food. We follow rigid quality checks and are certified by HACCP.

Organic Products - Food and Agriculture


We manufacture organic products that are grown without the use of any harmful pesticides. Our products are 100% organic which means that they contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Affordable Prices - Food and Agriculture


We want the organic products to reach every Indian household. That is why all our products are reasonably priced in accordance to the market rate.


We have a long line of products that help improve the quality of food and people’s lifestyle.

Taste Good - Azista Industries

TASTE GOOD Left Direction

Digestive biscuits with real Karela flakes that helps you fight diabetes.

Spice Sip - Azista Industries

SPICE SIP Left Direction

Stress relieving tea with cinnamon and turmeric as an active ingredients.

Kwik Mint - Azista Industries

KWIK MINT Left Direction

A high intense mint blast that clears the throat and nostril, giving you a fresh breath and a clear head as you go about your day.

FlashMint - Azista Industries

FLASH MINT Left Direction

An instant stress relieving mint strip that freshens breath, refreshes & relaxes you.


We have a long line of products that help improve the quality of food and people’s lifestyle.

Dehydrated Beans - Azista Industries

Dehydrated BeansLeft Direction

These Beans chops are highly used for preparing ethnic food, dry casserole mixes and stuffing mixes.

Dehydrated Tomatoes - Azista Industries

Dehydrated Tomatoes Left Direction

We are the leading manufacturer & exporter in the industry to provide our clients with the best quality range of Dehydrated Tomatoes.

Dehydrated Carrot - Azista Industries

Dehydrated Carrot Left Direction

Dehydrated Carrots are used for making soups, noodles and different Chinese dishes. These Carrot Flakes are highly demanded in the market and available to clients at a cost-effective rate.

Dehydrated Cabbage - Azista Industries

Dehydrated Cabbage Left Direction

Cabbage is a low-calorie vegetable that contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Dehydrated Cabbage Flakes are used in soups, stews, casseroles and other dishes.