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* To be consumed as directed by physician.

Darunavir 600mg Tablets

Darunavir (600mg)
  • Darunavir 600mg is an N, N- disubstituted benzenesulfonamide that contains an unsubstituted amino group at the 4-position and belongs to the protease inhibitors class of medications.
  • It is approximately 95% bound to plasma proteins and primarily to plasma alpha 1-acid glycoprotein (AAG).
  • The medicine is metabolized by CYP enzymes and most of the radioactivity in plasma is due to Darunavir.
  • It is called furfural, a sulphonamide, and a carbamate ester.
  • It is used in the treatment of HIV infection by reducing the amount of HIV in the blood.
  • The medicine boosts up your body’s immune levels that provide us resistance to fight the viruses and bacteria in the body.
  • It works by inhibiting proteolytic cleavage of viral Gag and Gag-pol polyproteins in HIV-infected cells, which produces immature, non-infectious viral proteins that weaken the formation of mature virions and prevent HIV replication.
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  • Restrict the intake of alcohol, as the medicine caused dizziness. Try not to drive or use any heavy machinery as soon as you take the tablet.
  • Observe your heart health and seek medical help immediately if you experience any abnormalities.
  • Let your doctor know about your medical history, and the tablets already you are taking if you are allergic to the medicine or any other medicines.
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