Linezolid Tablets IP 600mg

* To be consumed as directed by physician.

Linezolid Tablets IP 600mg

Linezolid 600mg

Linezolid Tablets IP 600mg is an antibiotic medicine that belongs to monoamine oxidase (MAO). It treats bacterial infections but does not work for viral infections. Your doctor will give the dosage of the medicine depending upon your clinical condition and your response to the treatment. The medicine is prescribed to the children based on their age and weight of the body. It must be used as directed by your physician.

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  • Linezolid Tablets IP 600mg treats bacterial infections only.
  • It stops the spread, growth, and multiplication of bacteria in the body.
  • It is crucial to follow a specific diet recommended by a dietician while taking this medicine.
  • Avoid foods such as cheese dried/aged meats and sausages, preserved fish, etc that are rich in tyramine while taking Linezolid Tablets.
  • Take the medicine only under the doctor’s prescription.
  • You can take the tablet with or without food as per your doctor’s suggestion.
  • The medicine should be initiated only in the hospital environment under the supervision of the concerned medical professional.
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