Molaz Molnupiravir 200mg Capsules

Molaz Molnupiravir 200mg Capsules

* To be consumed as directed by physician.

Molaz Molnupiravir 200mg Capsules

Molnupiravir 200mg Capsules

Molaz(Molnupiravir) 200mg Capsules is an experiment antiviral drug. It is a prodrug of the synthetic nucleoside derivative N4 - hydroxycytidine and exerts its antiviral action of copying errors during viral RNA replication.

It is well tolerated and has a potent antiviral efficacy.

  • It was developed for the treatment of influenza.
  • Molaz(Molnupiravir) 200mg Capsule reduces the replication of SARS-CoV-2 and prevents infectious virus with rapid speed.
  • Ongoing trials of the medicine state that the medicine prevents the progression of COVID-19 and eliminates onward transmission of SARS-CoV-2.
  • Talk to your doctor about all the pros and cons of Molaz(Molnupiravir) medicine.
  • Inform your doctor about all your medical history and tablet that you already intake to avoid contradictions.
  • Maintain hygiene and do not come in contact with infected persons.
  • Do not skip/discontinue the dose for effective treatment.
  • Maintain proper time period between two doses. Do not overlap the doses.
  • Monitor your health periodically.
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