Nevirapine + Lamivudine + Stavudine Tablets

Nevirapine 200mg, Lamivudine 150mg, Stavudine 30mg Tablets Exporters

* To be consumed as directed by physician.

Nevirapine 200mg, Lamivudine 150mg, Stavudine 30mg Tablets

Nevirapine (200mg) + Lamivudine (150mg) + Stavudine (30mg)
  • Nevirapine (200mg) + Lamivudine (150mg) + Stavudine (30mg), in this combination Nevirapine (NVP), is a non-nucleoside transcriptase inhibitor and the other two medicines Lamivudine and Stavudine are nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors.
  • As manufacturers, we ensure a balanced composition when manufacturing the product. We are the global bulk suppliers and are renowned global exporters in the market.
  • This combination has optimal efficacy, and durability of antiretroviral activity and is used as first-line therapy, especially in low resource countries. It is phosphorylated in the body to the active triphosphate form.
  • It is easily tolerable and has low adverse effects while in drug-to-drug interactions.
  • It inhibits Hepatitis B virus polymerase and HIV reverse transcriptase enzymes.
  • The combination decreases the amount of HIV in blood and treats/prevents the effects of AIDS in the body.
  • It strengthens the immune system to fight the viruses and infections in the body.
  • The combo avoids the multiplication of the cells and the production of new cells.
  • Do not skip or overlap the doses, maintain proper interval time between two doses.
  • Discontinuation of the tablet course even if you feel better might delay the treatment and reverse the disease, therefore do not stop taking the tablet unless your doctor suggests you stop the medication.
  • Tell your doctor about your medical history of liver, kidney, heart, or any health issues and the medications that you are already on.
  • Talk to your doctor about all the risks, and aftereffects before you start using the medicine.
  • Pregnant women, women planning for pregnancy, and breastfeeding mothers should not take the medicine, talk to your doctor if it is an unavoidable situation.
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