Vincristine Sulfate Injection Usp 1 Mg/Ml

Vincristine Sulfate Injection Exporters

* To be consumed as directed by physician.

Vincristine Sulfate Injection

Vincristine Sulfate Injection USP 1mg/ml
  • Vincristine Sulfate Injection USP 1mg/ml is a sterile, preservative-free intravenous injection.
  • It is a vesicant that causes extensive tissue damage and blistering in case it escapes the vein.
  • It is an anti-cancer (antineoplastic or cytotoxic) drug used in chemotherapy and classified as a plant alkaloid class.
  • It is a white to off-white powder and USP has an ultraviolet spectrum with maxima at 221nm. Mechanism of the tablet remains under investigation.
  • Vincristine Sulfate Injection used to treat various types of cancers like Acute Leukemia, Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, neuroblastoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, Ewing’s sarcoma, Wilm’s tumor, multiple myeloma, thyroid cancer, brain tumors, chronic Leukemia.
  • It treats a few blood disorders.
  • It is an anti-microtubule agent reduces or kills the cancer cells by inhibiting the microtubule structures within the cell that promote the cell division and increase the cancer cells.
  • The medicine probably causes corneal ulceration; proper care for eyes is necessary.
  • Complete or partial hair loss is expected.
  • It can result in constipation and low blood counts.
  • Contact your doctor immediately if you experience urine retention, chills, and fever.
  • Tell your doctor if you have medical history of heart, lungs, and kidneys and already taking any tablets to avoid contradictions.
  • Monitor your blood levels and a periodic physical examination is necessary.
  • It is strongly recommended to talk to your doctor about all the pros and cons of the treatment before using the medicine and prepare your body accordingly.
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